Ideas to branch from – Gamification

As I continue to delve into the wide array of routes that I could take when spicing my classroom instruction I’m finally finding it necessary to create a storage shed that I can search through other than one half-filled composition notebooks after another.

Enter the blog. As disorganized as it may begin hopefully semblance of order arises from the chaos that takes place inside of my gray matter, which hopefully coalesce with the incorporation of the blog.

Today’s search

Gamification as a means of using my passion as a life-long gamer to enhance both engagement as well as comprehension of students in my 6th grade classroom. This should hopefully help to draw from Layered Curriculum that I have been using to great success with my Physics students.

The Four Gamer types according to the Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology should help to sort out students based on their strengths into groups.explorersachieverssocializerskillers

Classcraft to provide the platform for gamification

Class Dojo to provide the more meaningful explanation of behaviors

Articles to continue perusing: